ood morning October is winding down and while the world continues to feel upside down, I must say; October has been a wonderful month. The foliage has been beautiful, and the weather has been enjoyably autumn like. Beyond missing out on the traditional Fall fairs, everything has been that of a typical New England autumn. Yesterday I enjoyed a great run/walk and even made a new friend... Are you ready to flip the calendar to November? This time next week it will be November 1st. Those colorful leaves and hours of late afternoon daylight will be fewer, and our thoughts will turn to the holiday season. Between fewer daylight hours and busy holiday schedules, our exercise time tends to become a greater challenge. I read a science finding some time back that found that our brains if given the choice, will choose to sit on the couch over exercising. November certainly offers various excuses for which the brain can use as resistance to exercise.
Good day! How amazing has our weather been here in New Hampshire! Even with some much needed rain, we have enjoyed a comfortable (and beautiful) October to this point. The week ahead looks to be more of the same! The one downside to autumn for me, is that it passes much to quickly and the beautiful trees turn bare and skeletal like. I once said to a friend, “I wish everyday could be like this” and his response was: “If everyday were like this, we wouldn’t appreciate it as much.” I suppose that is true, and autumn fits into that category. Understanding that each day, each beautiful leaf, and each scenic moment, are to be cherished and valued and not taken for granted, is the secret to feeling blessed for me. Recently I listened to a new song by Tim McGraw intitled, Hallelujahville, and while I love the song, one line really grabbed me. “It’s a cold beer sundown.” I am not a beer drinker, but the idea of sitting with that someone special, and enjoying a sunset is a moment to be cherished.
Good morning! You may (or may not) have noticed I took nearly a month off from Coffee & Chat. Some due to my travels and some just to take a break. I have been doing Coffee & Chat for around 10 years and that is a long time! We wrapped up our Plant Based Challenge earlier this month and the results were mixed. For the most part no one expressed results that were staggering. I would say the consensus amongst those I chatted with, was it is a particularly challenging diet because of the required meal prep. Personally, I did not miss most meats, but the diet got annoying as it progressed. Social instances and meal prep were my biggest challenges. I was disappointed in that I did not feel amazing during the time, but I believe if I stayed with it, it would have certainly made a difference. I just do not feel that I personally want to trade off the potential benefits for the things I enjoy being part of my diet. Not all was for not.
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